<aside> 🤖 We can collect your whole catalog in HD, and enrich your tracks like no one else with Metadata + Tags.


You have a catalog of 100 to 1 000 000 tracks, and you feel like it would take forever to upload it all on Bridge with all the right data?

Well, we have great news for you: We can gather your catalog for you and get all metadata + tags so you can get the most out of your catalog effortlessly.

With years of experience in the music industry, we know how hard it can be for professionals to manage an entire catalog. Masters get lost, metadata are often incomplete, and it may take months to sort it out properly on a given tool.

That's why we set up a combination of solutions to make this frictionless.

STEP 1. We will gather your whole catalog in HD and effortlessly with three possible methods:

  1. DDEX Import: We simply need to get in touch with your distributor.
  2. Import via competing solutions (we built a solution to transfer all your catalog within a click)
  3. The magic of Ria, our A.I. based solution.

STEP 2. We will get all needed metadata for you including

STEP 3. Then our amazing AI will enrich your catalog with :

<aside> 👉 Delivery by FTP (files + spreadsheet) and/or on Bridge.audio


Catalog collection by Ria_Bridge.audio.jpg

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